sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

Seconds are enough.

I love how things change just in a few seconds.
How tears turn into smiles.
You don't know what I feel right now.
You can't even imagine it.
This feeling... Damn...
A year ago I was feeling something like this but... This is different.
A year ago I woke up nervous as fuck,
thinking about the next 3 days.
The best days of my life so far.
And now, one year later I'm waiting for you again.
Starting a new countdown.

Your touch, your voice, your skin, your lips, your body...
I can't even explain it.
I just... can feel it.
I wanna scream, jump, sing.
I'm freaking out.
Whisper my desires again, talk about our things...
Our stupid things.
Those words/actions that nobody knows.

On the one hand, I hate the way you can control me.
I can't avoid it.
You make me feel so alive.
I've fought for you more than ANYONE.
And I still do.
You know I'd rather die if I don't do what I feel.
I will never regret what I'm doing at this point of my life.

Just let me take care of you, like I did.
Don't say a word if you don't need it, just lie with me all day.
Give me your better nights, I'll give you back.
I wanna lose my head, I wanna forget the rest.
And you know how to do it.

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012


I'm home alone all week.
My couch is free.
My bed is empty.
What are you doing there?
Why aren't you here?
You're not in the right place.
In the right moment either.
You're wasting your time.
Just saying.

domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

You need to step back.

Hay días que ni lo más retorcido se te viene a la cabeza.
Ni la más mínima idea, sensación o pensamiento.
Hoy es uno de esos.
Quizá es que me gusta exprimirme la mente.
Obsesión constante que fluye por mis nervios.
Me desgarro, me muerdo.
 Me arranco.
Sin embargo, hay otras veces que ni me paro a meditar.
Me dejo llevar.
Metiendo la pata una vez más.
Retrocediendo pasos sin cesar,
Pisando suave, sin alarmar.
Se me retuerce el corazón, 
Cual nudo de sangre caliente y apretado.
Quisiera escurrir mis vendajes,
pero es complicado si mis manos están en carne viva.
Es increíble.
El hecho de ver cómo evolucionan los pensamientos en cuestión de segundos.
Este ha sido un claro ejemplo de mi caos.
Caos que es incontrolable.
Enfurecido más que cualquier fiera indomable.

jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Love me if you dare.

"Cover your ears, harder, harder, harder, even more harder!
Hear how much I love you."

" -¿Por qué me tratas mal?
       + Quiero que me recuerdes."

¿Capaz o incapaz?
"Are you able or not?"

"Y ahí, sepultados bajo el hormigón, por fin pudimos compartir nuestro sueño de infancia:
El sueño de un amor sin fin."

viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

The rain.

You know what?
I still remember how my toes twisted when you were over me.
Like if everything flowed easily, with our connection.
Like if the day and night had no end.
I've never wanted you to go, even if you had thought to go elsewhere.
I could spend hours just lying in bed with you.
and then see you walking barefoot on the naked floor.
My eyes loved to follow you around the room.

Do you know something else?
Something that I've always loved, something that I miss so much and relaxes me is the  rain...
And you always smelled of it.


You can't imagine how frustrating it can be.
I would love to scream how much I miss you.
The feeling of touch you under my covers.
Seriously, what are you waiting for?
My hands are tired, they are scratching my bed  every fucking night.
Maybe I don't know what I'm doing right now,
but this sensation is killing me slowly.
Mornings are grey, nights are blue.
Like your eyes...
I need you on the top of me.
Your warmth.
Your lips...
Your body, your skin.
I can't live without them.
I'm sick of this.

martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

There is hope in this life.

There is fear in these eyes.
I believe we can fly through the hole in the sky.

The perfect lullaby.
The paradise in my ears.
I can feel how they sing.
With yoour soul in my mind.

domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012


 CSS <3
 Pape AKA Ludwig :D
 Brodinski <3
w/ Alice, Sandy, Saray n George!
 w May n Saray <3
 Posing n posing lol
 I'm super cute... LOL

Once again we say goodbye to festivals and memories.
Things like these make life so much better.
Music, friends, people, new friends, new experiences.
Goosebumps everywhere.
Now I have to wait till July.
Next stop: ARENAL SOUND.
and then...

See you soon, festival, I won't forget u! <3


sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

SOS 4.8

SOS 4.8. 
First day :D

Gossip, Rusty Warriors, SebAstian (we hate you, you didn't come -.-)...

How much I love this <3 FESTIVALS

And tonight...


 w/ Koke n Sandy <3
 Rusty Warriors!
 Alicia <3
 w/ Koke <3
 Fantastic 5 <3
 Rusty Warriors
 LOL And posing n posing! Pableteeeee aka LUDWIG tec17
Ludwig on the stage!
 SOS 4.8. :D

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here we go again :D
*_* BRRR

miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

Experiences, here we are again :D

I fucking hate the sun, the heat, the beach, the sand...
And every single thing about summer.

But, on the other hand I fucking love it.
Cos summer means:
And YES.

So here I go!

Festivals 2012:

- SOS 4.8:  4-5 May (THIS WEEKEND!!)
- Arenal Sound: 31 July-7 August
- Creamfields Andalucía: 9-11 August <3

I can't wait :D


martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Perfect. Beautiful. Wonderful. It's like you.

Thinking about the times
I know should have taken phtographs
Something to rely on,
sharper than a memori,
'Cause chemistry dictates them,
they're not coloured by emorion,
they're coloured by shades.
Of how things used to be.

And nothing breaks the heart
much more than looking at old photographs
hwhen you can taste the moment,
and worse still, if it's passed.
They're gone now to the future,
but you still can't deny them,
like a song that's sung,

Regret, is like a filter,
that colours all your endeavours
And once put on becomes a feature of your current works
What I fear,
is that all of these things I hold dear,
never become more than vibrations in air.
Vibrations in air.

Voices in the air,
they echo in my head like radios,
scratchy frequencies and static in between words
They're all on the wind now,
but I bet I never told you,
I missed you when you were gone.

Pieces of life.